RAQCOP = IPCop + Cobalt Raq, Cobalt Raq Firewall Applicance Software, Velociraptor Software Upgrade.
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Raqcop = IPCop for Sun Cobalt Raq's.


RaqCop 2.1.9 is released as an UPDATE only, *NO* installation files. To install from scratch you will need to install v2.1.8 first, and then upgrade to v2.1.9.

This update fixes a problem when RED connection is DHCP.
A renewed lease was reported as a new connection, causing unnecessary
restart of services like IPsec, proxy.


Raqcop 2.1.8 is available as an update only. This update is just regular maintenance with updates to software used in IPCop.

Raqcop 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 are available as updates, Raqcop 2.1.7 is available for fresh install via prebuilt images or an iso image that can be used in a donor machine or VirtualBox, VMWare or other. Detailed instructions are in the download section of this site. Raqcop 2.1.6 is available as an update only.

From IPCop:
In addition to several updates to software used in IPCop,
v2.1.6 adds the much needed bash updates everyone is concerned about.

v2.1.7 fixes a PPPoE issue.

Raqcop for 2.1.6 brings some much needed changes in how Makegraphs gets it's information for the Link Quality graphs as well as how the LCD program gets it's values for the down and up bandwidth calculation.

Makegraphs first looks to  /var/ipcop/main/link-quality-ip for an ip address of your choosing. If it is blank, it then pings off of your primary dns for your red connection. Normally you would not need to add an ip address unless either your primary dns is not pingable or you want something closer to you for example, Google's DNS which is /var/ipcop/main/link-quality-ip is saved to your USB backup and is the only Makegraphs related file you will ever edit from 2.1.6 and beyond.

The LCD program has been renamed from lcd to lcd.pl and moved to /usr/local/sbin/lcd.pl. It gets renamed in /sbin/lcd to /sbin/lcd.old during the update so you can copy your values for up and down bandwidth as well as interface to /var/ipcop/main/ lcd-ip-parameters. Once this is done, /sbin/lcd.old can be discarded. /var/ipcop/main/ lcd-ip-parameters is saved to your USB backup and is the only file besides the existing /etc/lcd.conf that is editable. From 2.1.6 and beyond, it is no longer necessary or advised to edit the LCD program itself. You may want to edit /var/ipcop/main/ lcd-ip-parameters once 2.1.6 is installed but before the mandatory reboot for the kernel change. This saves you from having to kill lcd.pl and restart it.

Raqcop 2.1.1 brought hourly graphs as well as an additional graph to judge link quality. 2.1.1 through 2.1.5 brought numerous IPCop updates, some critical. IPCop added the much anticipated url filter in 2.1.1.

As always, the 2.10.3 ext3 rom is required in order to run Raqcop.

Detailed guide showing how to flash the Raq3 or Raq4 ROM for use with RaqCop. Click here for the guide.

Symantec VelociRaptor Users:

RaqCop also works great on a Symantec VelociRaptor. Some VelociRaptor's, including the VelociRaptor 500, 700, 1000 and 1100 are nearly identical to Sun Cobalt's in hardware specs. If you own a VelociRaptor and are looking for a new software upgrade, RaqCop is the Solution for you!

Raqcop.com History:

RaqCop.com was founded in October 2007 to utilize the hardened Linux and very stable IPCop Firewall on Sun Cobalt Raq / Symantec VelociRaptor Hardware. IPCop is by far the worlds best Linux firewall distribution and paired with a Sun Cobalt Raq or VelociRaptor, it makes a perfect inexpensive custom router / firewall.

Other Useful Information from Our Sponsors:

The Team:


RaqCop Guru / Chief Design Engineer


Project Management / Website Admin / Testing

Join Us in Our Mission:

If you would like to join our team or feel you have ANYTHING, yes I mean ANYTHING to offer us, please contact one or all of us. We are currently looking for anyone who could help us with the Front Panel LCD Functionality of the Raq's (Perl Coder Needed). Currently RaqCop displays bandwidth info on the LCD but the buttons do not have functionality like StrongBolt or the Original Raq OS from Sun. Any testers are also very welcome! Furthermore, any help from the creators of IPCop is also highly welcome and would be much appreciated. Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy!

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